Replica Best Car modifier Company In Mumbai

Replica Car is a copying closely resembling the original concerning its shape and appearance. The Replica car Passion and inspiration for creating Executive Mod car Trendz (EMT) came through our long stay in the UK and frequent visits to several other developed countries. Basic urge was to innovate and present artistic exterior, accessories and cozy, rich comfortable interiors an all kind of cars and other vehicles. Our Mumbai factory was created to give shape to our passion. It has a team of technocrats, designing cell, required machines and tools and a skilled work force. It had been a very challenging task for Emt team of designers and executers. Installing in a pick up a bed room cum office cum sitting room with the facility of bath room and kitchen was a very tough assignment which our team managed to achieve. But adding an additional facility of children’s beds made it very difficult to visualize and construct. After several trials and errors, designing and redesigning, ultimately a solution emerged. The team has succeeded in building a unique Motor Home on a pick up that will have a bed room that can be converted into a sitting room or even an office. After sharing their skill by modifying various different cars, the EMT team decides to enter the field of Kit CARs. Very few people can afford to own a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Batman Car or any trailblazing car. But there are millions passionately longing to have passions for auto products, accepted the challenge to produce their own versions of these fantastic vehicles.

Replica Car Concept is products of dream

Replica Car Concept is products of dream. Dreams of the customer, the designer and the technocrats who give it a shape. Each has a unique personality that sets it apart from hundreds of other cars. The team of designers and technocrats at Executive Modcar Trendz (EMT) has produced many attractive Replica car concepts for its customers of varied tastes. Designers have modified a wide range of cars popular in India. Distinctive, graceful and artistic design developed for every concept car. Each design is unique. These are products of mature artistic designing styled to satisfy concepts of customers, Concept are lovers would find at EMT a mature, competent team of designers, artisans and technocrats who can transform their dream into reality.

There are several options available for designing and building interiors on bus. Largely it is customer need based. Emt is well equipped to built entire interior of a bus providing all kinds of desired facilities.