It is a well established reality that in Indian conditions medium size units, working under direct propriety supervision, produce much better products and give perfect all round results. Direct personal supervision is essential in producing novel artistic products requiring high skill and innovation.EMT is managed directly under the supervision of its directors. Its technical team has to be excellent as at almost every stage there is direct vigilance. There is no possibility of “Chalta Hay” tendency creeping at any stage. Approval of design, selection of materials, execution and finishing of each job is closely followed, and personally checked. In very large units there is too much of delegation of responsibilities and almost at every step remote control system operates which can never be as certain and perfect as direct authoritative approach.




In EMT there is strict direct supervision at each stage. Each material is keenly examined and selected. Only highly skilled technicians are selected and their job is closely supervised for perfection. Special importance is given to designing which has to be attractive, meeting with latest MOD trends. For EMT, quality standards have become its religion.
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