Car Detailing and its Benefits

Car Detailing means a thorough cleaning of a car from scratch using specialized tools and equipment. Car Detailing involves cleaning the car from inside out and goes beyond a normal car wash to make it look spotlessly clean.

There are 2 parameters to Car Detailing –

Interior Detailing – Interior cleaning involves cleaning of the leather upholstery. It shampooed and vacuumed to remove stains and grime. The interior glass is also cleaned.

Exterior Detailing – This process involves removing grime and dirt as much as possible. Thus bringing the car fit for showroom display. The objective is to restore the car to the original state by removing scratches, marks and other imperfections. The wheels are also polished and scrubbed. A premium wax is also used as an alternative. The coat gives a nice rich feel to the car. Plastics and vinyl are likewise appropriately cleaned and dressed.

There are 3 phases this process goes through –

Washing – This phase begins the wash phase begins with a rinse and then application of soap to the entire exterior of the car. Soap is applied through a soap gun. The reason to apply it is to remove as much of grime as possible in the initial stages itself. After washing phase, clay barring is combined with another solution to remove remaining grime or dirt in the paint. It’s used to remove surface dirt in paint and glass surfaces.

Defect Removal – This coat is applied to eliminate light scratches and other swirl marks. These imperfections are also called Random Isolated Defects.

Protection – A wax coating is applied after paint. It’s used to protect the paint afterward. The popular choice for protection is waxing because it’s more economical.

Some Benefits of getting a car detailed – 

Enhance Car Value – Keeping the car in pristine condition will help restore car value. A decent detailer will convey your vehicle to its unique magnificence and increment its resale esteem.

Enhanced Protection – It protects the finish from rust and contamination.

Enhances Look and Feel – Once all procedures are done, it enhances the look and feel of the car and looks like as if someone had ordered one from a showroom.

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