Capabilities of Executive Modcar Trendz

Motor Home

A CONCEPT Novel to India, a striking home sitting on Tata Chassis. Distinctive in appearance. Attractive in Shape and Color. Sophisticated interiors furnished with soft cozy beds, decently distinguished sofas and chairs. Enchanting walls and panels; floor covered by thick carpets present a complete luxurious royal lounge of a home.


It covers a very vide field and virtually amounts to redesigning a car. EMT has modified a wide range of cars covering several models of popular brands. Some of these vehicles are displayed in the gallery. They present a beautiful collection of attractive modified cars.


A unique concept by Executive Modcar Trendz called Freedom Top. This is a 3 piece hard top which gives you the practicality of driving with safety and being cocooned while enjoying your air-conditioning and sheilded from rains. You can either drive the car in semi convertible mode with front 2 top pieces opened or fully open mode for wind on your face experience. So if you want your Thar to go the Freedom Top way then please get in touch with


Arguably, the turbine powered version that featured in hit movies such as the Batman and the Batman Returns is one of the most recognizable and popular of the Batmobiles built thus far. Replicas of Batmobiles turn up every now and then. We now have one built by an Indian customizer, Executive Modcar Trendz of Mumbai in this case.


The Executive Modcar Trendz team has got a Sports car for you. We have very strong respect for other people’s money. We got tired for dreaming about Legendary sports car for hundreds of Millions of rupees, saving money for years or get a loan from Banks and suffer from the painfully high monthly payments.


Interiors of many cars do not satisfy expectation of each customer. Some find insufficient legs space, others are not satisfied with the get-up of interiors and wish to have richer looks or desire to change the colour scheme. We have successfully handled such projects and developed a team of artisans and technocrats who can successfully achieve desired results.