Individual personality of a car for its owner has great significance. Those having a passion for their car wish to present it as a unique creation different from all other vehicles. Body Kits and Prokits impart a unique personality to a vehicle. Dedicated designing team of EMT has produced several variation of Body Kits and Prokits suitable for many well known modern cars. These kits are product of distinctive artistic designing that imparts maturity and provides satisfaction to the ambitions and dreams of its clients - at times presenting most mod approach that matches western taste, introducing a system of innovative styling and novel design that produces mature sensitive looks and top class surface fit and finish on you cars, Su’s, display vans and commercial vehicles. EMT is a dynamic fast growing organization capable of delivering total product design, presenting solution to its client.


The range of available kits is very wide covering almost all fancy cars on roads in India.


EMT’s highly competent designing team supported by well equipped workshop and technocrats is capable of designing and producing artistic Body Kits and Prokit for any vehicle fully satisfies customers dream.


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