Concept cars are products of dreams. Dreams of the customer, the designer and the technocrats who give it a shape. A concept car must have a unique personality that shall set it apart from hundreds of other cars running on roads. It should stand out and catch one’s eye.


The team of designers and technocrats at Executive Modcar Trendz (EMT) has produced many attractive concept cars for its customers of varied tastes. The field has covered a wide range of popular cars in India. EMT has a well equipped workshop and a team of designers capable of converting any car into a concept car on the lines visualized by the customer, given form by dedicated designers and turned into reality by skilled technocrats . Distinctive, graceful and artistic design is developed for each concept car. Each design has to be unique. There should never exist two identical concept cars.


EMT gallery presents a glimpse of few concept cars designed, developed and shaped at its Mumbai work shop. These are products of unique mature artistic designing styled to satisfy novel concept of the owner. It presents a mod approach that satisfies westerns taste as perceived, designed and developed by oriental minds. Concept car lovers would find a mature, competent team of designers, artisans and technocrats who can transform their dream into reality.


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