If the exterior and the engine of a car are its glamour and driving force the interiors are a solace that provide comfort and luxury to travelers. In the beginning, when cars were invented, the concept of comfortable interior and the streamlining of the body was not given sufficient importance. With the development of the technology and introduction of higher efficiency, the concept of beautiful attractive looks and comfortable rich interiors gained more and more importance. Luxury cars do not have only a beautiful streamlined body and powerful smooth running sound engine, but also take pride in presenting cozy, comfortable luxurious interiors. The interiors of non-luxury vehicle are not as cozy and comfortable. Transforming their interiors into a luxurious comfortable resort requires a well organized team work. Executive Modcar Trendz (EMT) has a team of distinguished designers, skilled artisans and efficient technocrats capable of installing rich, luxurious and comfortable interiors on any vehicle.


The field of interiors on vehicle is very wide. Starting from cars it spread to medium size vehicle and goes on to cover medium and large size busses. EMT team of interiors has already covered an extensive field of several kinds of vehicles. To begin with Cozy, luxurious and comfortable lounge were built on vehicle like Toyota Innova and Mahindra Scorpio. Emt’s team of designers has since spread the net even wider. It has built cozy, comfortable and luxurious lounge on Tata Winger, Tempo Traveller, Tata Safari, Tata Venture etc.


Treatment with Bus bodies and chassis of medium size busses have opened up a much large field for construction of interiors. Emt has built multi-purpose interiors on busses, comprising of double bed room, living room, full fledged office, kitchennet, bath room etc. The entire interior is furnished with rich furniture and fixtures, decent paneling and carpet, entertainment facilities, TV, refrigerator AC, etc. The Motor Home is designed for construction on a medium size chassis. It has a double bed room convertible into living room, additional two bed facilities for kids, kitchen, bathroom with shower, isolated drivers cabin. Its interior will be furnished with high class furniture and fixtures, sophisticated panels, LED Light, AC, refrigerators etc. Owners of Motor Home will be living and travelling in a real palatial style.


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