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We at EMT are fully equipped to provide end to end vehicle detailing services. Complete top to bottom cleaning of a car is carried out using specialized tools & world class products. The aim is to restore the external paintwork by the elimination of scratches, swirl marks & other imperfections; this work does not include any paint refinishing or repainting. The interiors are cleaned to perfection; every dirt, grime & stain is removed with the help of proven products & procedures. In short, we clean a vehicle in such a way that it can be displayed in a showroom. We are also planning to shortly introduce Nano, Ceramic & Glass Coating systems.

polishing & ceramic coating

EMT does provide Ceramic Coating service which is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to the exterior of the vehicle. The coating chemically bonds with the vehicle’s factory paint, creating a layer of protection.

It’s also called a premium wax alternative. It does not wash away and it’s quite robust. After the coat is applied you will feel a nice shine has come to the car.

Personalized Interiors

The interior of a vehicle is the comfort zone of the occupants. The design, colours, ergonomics, material & overall ambiance play a very important role in making the vehicle’s occupants feel comfortable physically as well as mentally. Most vehicles come with well-appointed interiors, but a lot is also left to be desired. Not everyone is content with the stock offerings & then it is a matter of personal style where the car reflects the personality of its owner.

At EMT We give the customer the option to go all out when it comes to customizing the interiors. From a very wide range of colours in genuine & art leather that the seats can reupholster in to colour coded plastic panels that match the leather being used. From multi design wooden & carbon fibre lamination on selected accents to laminated carpeting, we have the whole interiors covered.

Apart from this, indirect LED mood lighting, roof liner fibre optic faux stargazer & reading lights etc are also offered as options. All our upholstery is manufactured by highly skilled technicians with items like the steering & gear knobs being intricately stitched by hand. All seats are padded for extra comfort with the final look surpassing that of the original. Just like our highly skilled workforce, we do not compromise with the materials being used & quality of work is the natural outcome in which all of our clientele are now used to.

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