Interiors of many cars do not satisfy expectation of each customer. Some find insufficient legs space, others are not satisfied with the get-up of interiors and wish to have richer looks or desire to change the colour scheme. Some customers desire to change placement of seats. Even customers of luxury cars like BMW and Mercedes have called on us for modifying interiors of their cars. Their owners often demand for providing additional amenities and more comfort in the interiors of their cars. We have successfully handled such projects and developed a team of artisans and technocrats who can successfully achieve desired results . Our team is capable of injecting novel ideas to clients who approach us. We are also well equipped to accomplish the ideas presented to them.



These vehicles being larger in size provide greater scope for installing various kinds of Cozy, comfortable and luxurious Interior. The field is very large here. Few well accepted concepts developed for auto lovers are described hereafter.



Executive Mod Lounge on Toyota Innova has been in news for quite some time now. Our lounge and that of DC had been more than a success. Actually they have launched a trend. Executive Mod Lounge on Toyota Innova is a compact Luxury Lounge, meticulously designed and furnished with rich furnitures and fittings. It’s grand rich interior is very comfortable. Two seats are having facility to recline fully when desired. They are thus a combination of comfortable chair as well as a cozy double bed for long or casual sleep. Executive Lounge, in addition, has many other amenities. It provides complete privacy, and facilities of Coffee making, fold out table, Chiller, Television, DVD Player, Mod lighting System, satellite TV(optional) vanity Roof Mirror (Optional), Intercom, Rear view camera etc. Virtually the lounge acquires the status of a first class Jet air interior. For choosy customers we have introduced several other selective amenities of their choice. List of amenities is un-ending. It goes on enlarging with newer ideas and availability of more latest products and devices.



Scorpio, a tough vehicle, designed to have qualities of jeep, has been converted into a compact, comfortable and sophistic lounge. It’s interior has been artistically designed and furnished with selected furnishing and furnitures, privacy partition stretchable reclining chairs, table, TV, DVD player, chiller, etc. are all there for you to relax and enjoy, ideal for long and short journey.



When Tata Winger was launched as a medium size passenger vehicle no one could have visualized it as a comfortable lounge, an Alashian Mahal. Emt team has boosted its entire image by carefully designing its entire interior, targeting it to become a cozy chamber of an Alishan Mahal. Decent paneling was done to transform its inside into a distinctive chamber. The entire interior was then furnished with attractive fixtures and good furniture. Two reclining chairs are installed that can be fully stretched to be used as comfortable double beds. Two additional cushioned chairs are added with multi purpose tables so that the chamber could be used as a living or conference room. Driver’s cabin is upholstered and isolated that provides privacy to the main chamber. Entire lounge floor is carpeted and decently lighted using concealed LED lights, entertainment facilities of LCD, TV, Music system etc. is installed. For serving drinks a chiller is provided. The lounge is equipped with intercom and rear camera for easy communication and nevigation.



It is another passenger vehicle that has been subjected to a revolutionary transformation at EMT workshop. It is Refashioned as a decent comfortable Lounge. The task of designing a luxurious lounge on a Tempo initially posed several tough problems for the tech team. It was ultimately resolved by inducting several lavish inputs. Its interiors were exquisitely designed and lavishly furnished with two stretchable sofas, convertible into cozy beds, fully furnished floor, fiber glass panels, LCD TV, Music System, Chiller cum cooler, LED lights, Rear View camera, Mobile and Laptop charging sockets etc. Driver’s cabin upholstered and isolated from main lounge and connected with intercom.



A robust strong vehicle designed to run on good roads as well on rough jungle roads. Even capable of going on hillocks , nallas and places where no road even existed. Who ever thought it could be converted into a luxurious, cozy, artistic and comfortable lounge without losing its ability to take on all kinds of rough roads. Artisans and technocrats of Emt have accomplished the challenging task of giving luxurious touch to Tata Safari.


It has been designed differently so that the cozy deluxe interiors is capable of withstanding its journey on rough roads without compromising with its rich lavish attractive looks. Chairs provided are firm, stable and still capable of stretching to convert them into comfortable beds whenever required. LED mood lights provide smooth scenario.Its rich beautiful furnishings, folding tables, impart a palacial touch. TV, rear view camera, chiller for keeping drinks cool, separate drivers cabin with intercom, electrically operated exist/entry are other installed facilities. An ideal arrangement for comfortable long distance travels,for entertaining guest and for performing office work.
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