Executive Mod Lounge on Toyota Innova has been in news for quite some time now. Our lounge and that of DC had been more than a success. Actually they have launched a trend. Executive Mod Lounge on Toyota Innova is a compact Luxury Lounge, meticulously designed and furnished with rich furnitures and fittings. It’s grand rich interior is very comfortable. Two seats are having facility to recline fully when desired. They are thus a combination of comfortable chair as well as a cozy double bed for long or casual sleep. Executive Lounge, in addition, has many other amenities. It provides complete privacy, and facilities of Coffee making, fold out table, Chiller, Television, DVD Player, Mod lighting System, satellite TV(optional) vanity Roof Mirror (Optional), Intercom, Rear view camera etc. Virtually the lounge acquires the status of a first class Jet air liner interior. For choosy customers we have introduced several other selective amenities of their choice. List of amenities is un-ending. It goes on enlarging with newer ideas and availability of more latest products and devices.


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