When Tata Winger was launched as a medium size passenger vehicle no one could have visualized it as a comfortable lounge, an Alashan Mahal. Emt team has boosted its entire image by carefully designing its entire interior, targeting it to become a cozy chamber of an Alishan Mahal. Decent paneling was done to transform its inside into a distinctive chamber. The entire interior was then furnished with attractive fixtures and good furniture. Two reclining chairs are installed that can be fully stretched to be used as comfortable double beds. Two additional cushioned chairs are added with multi purpose tables so that the chamber could be used as a living or conference room. Driver’s cabin is upholstered and isolated that provides privacy to the main chamber. Entire lounge floor is carpeted and decently lighted using concealed LED lights, entertainment facilities of LCD, TV, Music system etc. is installed. For serving drinks a chiller is provided. The lounge is equipped with intercom and rear camera for easy communication and nevigation.
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