One of Asia’s biggest biennial auto event, the Auto Expo 2018 Delhi will be held from 9-14 of February 2018. Auto Expo 2018 will be organized at the India Expo Mart in Greater Noida and Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

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On a street near you: Fake Ferraris, lookalike Lambos

Last month, a car that looked like a Ferrari 430 was thronged by bystanders in Bandra, Mumbai. "They thought there was some famous actor behind the wheel. The cops had to clear the crowd for the car to move," says Amar Syed, a fashion designer who was behind the wheel. If only, someone had paid a little more attention, the engine didn't sound anything like the glorious roar of a Ferrari...

Autocar Performance Show 2018

Executive Modcar Trendz (EMT) has participated in Auto Expo 2018 Delhi, the automotive showcase in India. The List of participants consists of big name form automotive industry DC Design with his most recognize car model named as DC Avanti. There was an array of new cars at this event featured amazing modified stylish cars from EMT.

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It ain't about only about modifications. We're taking everything to the next level!
Executive Modcar Trendz is proud to be associated with Adlabs Imagica where gotham city with the batmobile will make your day even more exciting.
Also get to know more about our unique and interesting products by speaking to our experts at the venue.
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Batman spotted in Pune too

Batman doesn't live in Gotham City alone. He also visits India sometimes. The caped crusader has gone further than comic pages and the screen, and become an icon easily identifiable by all age groups and across the world.
Any sign of the Bat symbol is sure to turn heads anywhere.So when a swanky Batmobile-like car was spotted on the roads of Pune, complete with a masked driver...

Top 10 Supercar Overkills

Ever wanted a Ferrari with the reliability of a Toyota Corolla? Well your wishes have come true! Executive Modcar Trendz, the Mumbai based company in India, has released this Ferrari F430 replica based on a Toyota Corolla.The entire body is made from fiber glass, and this 2+2 seater costs $ 22,000. Maybe this can be a glimpse of the future; after all, Toyotas don’t have a reputation of spontaneously catching on fire. But until then, you belong in spot number 4...

EMT Mahindra Thar - Freedom Top

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