Car Modification



It basically amounts to redesigning the car and covers a wide field. EMT has modified a wide range of cars covering several models popular brands. Some of the vehicles are displayed in the gallery. They present a beautiful collection of attractive modified cars.


Designed and built as a Kit car around powerful Honda Accord V6. Package consists of high quality FRP body panels that when fitted will entirely change the look and donor vehicle to that contemporary & highly detailed 4 door sports sedan.
A unique dual tone front grill with bright and sporty colours gives the vehicle a distinct look with a whole new identity. This sort of transformation where the original car is kept intact is new to the Indian modification scene and is part of our endeavour to keep things Street Legal.

  • FRP panels with direct bolt on plus direct to metal bonding panels. No alterations done to chassis as the original mounting points are used for key panels
  • It consists of new sculpted front and rear bumpers with large intakes and diffusers. Two flowing front fenders, door panels, bonnet and door scoops, side skirts, new quarter panels.
  • A full body colour in the best of choices
  • 3D Carbon wrap on selected parts
  • Bi xenon projectors in the head lamp asst along with LED turn signals
  • LED brake lamps and LED turn signals
  • 18” Mag alloy wheels and tyres
kitchen on wheels (food van)
  • A complete kitchen designed to suit vehicles of large, medium or small size commercial vehicles
  • Customized exterior body using attractive materials capable of looking clean hygienic and decent in looks
  • Outer panelling is usually done using aluminium sheets or even aluminium bond composite sheets
  • Outer panelling is usually done using aluminium sheets or even aluminium bond composite sheets
  • Interior platform and storages are done in stainless steel as per approved design
  • All equipment provided or suggested by the customers are installed at convenient place for effective use of customers
  • Convenient cooking arrangement, clean water storage and waste water and waste material disposal system, along with perfect plumbing arrangements are installed to ensure trouble free working conditions, entire vehicle is provided with latest lighting arrangement
concept car

EMT also specializes in concept car building. Apart from our own creations we also make such cars for our esteemed clients to showcase their design & technology. Such vehicles redefine the future; they are often used at motor shows to gauge people's reaction to new designs & gives the automobile sector an insight into whether a car will succeed if mass produced. We at EMT are able to make such cars as per the client's design or if given the opportunity to design the same. The cost of building such cars with us is very economical, thereby giving our clients the freedom to do multiple configurations.

Modified Thar

It’s a modified Jeep known as Thar designed by EMT. Its modification can be used as an open jeep. It can be covered during summer or in rains as well. One can use the AC and keep it covered.

Fully Convertible
Roof Panels
Roof Panels
Freedom Top
Side Door glasses x2
Freedom Hard Top
Developed Bonnet
Designed Grille
Custom Finish Paint Job
Front Windshield
Freedom Hard Top
Two side glasses x2
Developed Fenders x4
Headlights/Tail Lights
Roll Cage
Developed Side Skirts
Alloy Wheels (16 inches)
Custom Dashboard
Custom Seats x4
8 litre Chiller
New Flooring Carpet
Door Pad Upholstery
Sliding option for Front Seats
Art leather
election campaign vehicle

This bus was made for Chhattisgarh’s ex Chief Minister Mr Ajit Jogi. Janta Congress Chhattisgarh party was founded by former Chief Minister Ajit Jogi. The party was founded on June 23th June 2016. He launched the party in Thathapur village of Kawardha district.
Executive Modcar Trendz has been very fortunate to acquire the contract and felt very humbled by this gesture. Here’s how we modified and added various features to encapsulate it into a comfortable campaign bus.

Salient features
Air Conditioning
Lighting & Accessories
Touch Panel & Wiring
Star Glazers
Wooden Flooring
2 Television 40 inches
Bathroom Fittings
Entry lift
Sliding Door Mechanism
Personalized Signature Leather Seats
Touch Panel, Intercom & Wiring
Campaigning Lift
Amplifier with Mic
Charging Sockets & USB
Panelling Works
Remodelling the rear door
Step Closing Mechanism
CCTV Cameras
Bus Paint
Bus Tail Light LED
Volvo Side Mirrors
Exterior Side Cladding
Rear Bumper
Front Grill
Logo Branding & Art Work
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