Only the chosen ones quite often get a chance to buy a great Luxury Sports Car. It ain’t a joke to buy a Luxury Sports Car on a budget. EMT has got a sports car just for you. Why pay 2 crores when it’s more reasonable to buy a house, travelling around the world and seeing beautiful countries. This is a kind of sports car that makes your stomach muscles tighten when you start it. The best thing about a sports car is its suspension.

One needs to experience it from the driver’s seat and experience the zing with it. The driver’s seat is a kind of comfort, versatility and the room you have always wanted. By altering the donor car we are able to use the correct panels and remove any imperfections. The kit cars fitted on the donor cars are extremely reliable and need no special knowledge to operate. EMT can create your very own Fantasy Car at less than 1/3rd the cost. Now that’s what we call luxury at an affordable price.

  • Batmobile
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