who we are

we at Executive Modcar Trendz are a part of Executive Group Company that is very passionate about cars. In-fact the very basis of our existence is the manifestation of an urge to satisfy this very passion.

Our aim is to introduce in India custom car innovations, luxurious interiors & well designed exterior car body kits, with quality that is on par with the best in the business.

The core of our strength is being able to customize vehicles keeping in mind the customer’s precise requirements. Our expertise, creativeness & passion work hand in hand to give you the best possible products at the best possible price. Add to this we are one of the leading Car Modifiers in India and Car Modification Services Company in Mumbai.

We at Executive Group of Companies have the background of being a very successful business family. This has been a trend from the last several generations due to our hard work & dedication. This in turn has given us extra confidence to set ambitious & high targets for ourselves, something which we have been surpassing time & again.

our products
Customized Modification
Luxurious Interior packages for all cars
Motor Homes based on Van’s, buses & even SUV’s
Add on Body Kits & Kit Cars
Food Trucks
ATM vehicles
Election Campaign Vehicles
Convertible Hard Tops for open Jeeps
Wrapping Jobs
Customized Paint jobs
Body Repair, refinishing & full repaint jobs
Multi design water transfer lamination
All types of leather upholstery & Leather wrapping jobs