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The Poonawallas, founders of the Serum Institute and owners of the Poonawalla stud farms, have a large collection of vintage and luxury cars. The family declined a request to share details but the vehicles, by some accounts tallying more than 50, often make outings during special events and exhibitions. Recently, they participated in the Parx Super Car Show and Mercedes-Benz's classic car rally in Mumbai.
Cyrus Poonawalla has been interested in cars from an early age, having built a prototype sports vehicle on the lines of the Jaguar D-Type as a 20-year-old. He reportedly even considered commercial production of the car but decided against it because of the heavy investment it would require.
According to a The New York Times report by Amelia Gentleman - which described Cyrus's nephew, Yohan, as a "modern maharaja" - the family has at least eight Rolls-Royces, a Lamborghini, a BMW and a Porsche. Some cars feature personalisations like the letter 'P' incorporated inside and outside, telephones, televisions and built-in umbrellas.

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The modification brings Aventador sourced headlights, taillights, scissor doors and even the rear exhaust for keeping things as close to the real car as possible. The overall length and wheelbase of the Accord was not altered and thus, finding difference may not be a tough task for supercar enthusiasts.
As most modifiers believe in changing the external design only, Modcar Trendz has worked equally hard on the inside to bring that sporty character alive in the driver. One gets an impressive center console placed in the same tune as the real Aventador.
The modifier even placed a working fighter jet inspired start button on this console. They have replaced the conventional dial-type unit with an all-digital instrument console. Exhaust on this typical Accord has been tuned to produce a supercar-inspired sound.

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When the Batman wants to save the world from baddies and flying around isn’t an option, the comic book superhero is usually seen behind the wheel of the Batmobile, an automobile that can even survive a nuclear holocaust and then some more. Evolving with the Batman himself, this legendary automobile has seen multiple iterations.
The Original Batmobile from the Batman movie.
Arguably, the turbine powered version that featured in hit movies such as the Batman and the Batman Returns is one of the most recognizable and popular of the Batmobiles built thus far. Replicas of Batmobiles turn up every now and then. We now have one built by an Indian customizer, Executive Modcar Trendz of Mumbai in this case.

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Executive Modcar Trendz are well known car modifiers from Mumbai. They have established themselves in the field of car modification business. Many concepts are developed by EMT team covering the field of creating conceptualized rich, lavish, comfortable, interiors on several vehicles. Right from the start they wanted to attract Auto Enthusiasts who have passion for some thing which is new, which is different, which is novel and which is a thing of beauty. It was their passion for such products that made them launch Executive Modcar Trendz.
What do they do -
Customised Modification
Luxurious Interiors
Building Motor Homes
Kit Cars

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Enter Indian company Executive Modcar Trendz (EMT), which specialises in taking everyday sedans and transforming them into something from the first Fast and Furious movie or a budget supercar.
The company offers three different sports car replicas, including a Ferrari F430, 458 Italia and Lamborghini Aventador.
However, instead of using two-door coupes like a Toyota MR2, EMT convert Toyota Corollas, Honda Civics and Hyundai Elantras, but prefer to use the Honda Accord as the basis' due to its more 'powerful' engines.
Using a sedan does create an awkward looking supercar, especially in Aventador form with the rear proportions appearing out of whack.

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This is not a real Lamborghini Aventador, but you already knew that. It’s got all the right fighter-jet scoops and angles and the scissor doors, but the proportions are, obviously, way off -- it screams ''replica'' in bright orange paint.
What’s less obvious is its rootstock. Based on the proportions, our first impulse is that somebody updated a Pontiac Fiero-based Ferrari Testarossa kit car with Aventador-inspired bits; there’s no shortage of Fauxrarris out there, some more convincing than others, that started out at Pontiac Assembly. The reality of it is much stranger: The work of Executive Modcar Trendz, a Mumbai, India-based car customizer, this was once a Honda Accord sedan. You work with what you’ve got at hand, and there probably aren’t many Fieros on the subcontinent. Plus, to EMT’s credit, it isn’t trying to hide the car’s prosaic origin.

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